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Year End and Looking Forward
December 7, 2009, 4:25 pm
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Now that the holidays are approaching and the end of the New Year is almost here, it is a good time to take stock of where Pax Educare has been, and where we may be headed. I am grateful to all those who have hung in with us these several years, through growth and changes, nurtured by the common spirit of the importance of educating for peace.

We continue to extensively network and build coalitions and connections of like-minded educators and individuals, both in formal (schools and colleges) and informal, community based programs. We are called to support and promote to put into practice the pedagogical principles that will sustain our world in the years to come. This involves educating for justice, for ecological sustainability, for peace and economic growth that serves all people, not just global corporate and governmental interests and modeling the kind of teaching we hope to impart. The “how and why” of our teaching is at least as important as the “what”. More and more I am called to focus on a mission of the written word and am grateful that a reduction in grant administration responsibilities is giving me good opportunities to focus on writing and getting back into some theoretical reading and research, some of it laid down since graduate school.

An office move to the third floor of my row house has helped simplify some of the administrivia of running an office. With lower overall operating expenses and less grant adminitration, there is freedom of time and energy to asses “next steps”, always a good thing as an organization evolves.

Coordination of the HIPP (Help Increase the Peace) youth and adult workshops continues, on a reduced scale, as active grant solicitation and support has waned, an intentional downsizing to reduce time spent on tracking grant funds. Increasingly we are looking to partner and collaborate for these kinds of workshops with other organizations and individuals. So please get in touch. I feel it important to not stay too focused on merely the theoretical!

People with whom we are in contact have given feedback that they are grateful for and enjoy reading the Pax Educare newsletter. This will remain a key part of what Pax Educare does.

Please consider supporting Pax Educare. January 8 will be our annual benefit concert, a living room event with the Adaskin String Trio and pianist Sally Pinkas. This has become a cherished tradition. Visit our web site for details.