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The Great Transition-Are We Ready?
February 16, 2011, 7:12 pm
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Scientists and economists are predicting that the next 50 years will be one of rapid global change, as we tap out our easily available sources of fossil fuel, end our run on cheap oil. Energy prices are expected to remain high, pending technological breakthroughs in cheaper renewable resources. (Goodwin).  Taken together with global climate change, indications are that our world as we know it currently is not sustainable. Our models for measured economic progress, rewarding continued growth and overreliance on technological solutions to ecological problems, are outmoded. We realize that we cannot continue the unending use of resources and consumption within the realm of our finite planet (K. Boulding, Brown and Garver).  Global inequities in income and wealth will continue to widen under our current economic system. How we deal with the period of time between now and 2050 could determine the future of our world as we know it. Our very way of life could be at stake (F. Shumacher). Fundamental shifts in our values, our beliefs and our actions are needed. (Orr, Nolet). Most importantly for educators, a paradigm shift is needed in the what, why and how we teach. For more information on the Great Transition visit and  and . What sort of skills will we need for our peoples to insure that, rather than catastrophic changes, we take advantage of fundamental shifts to move forward to a new, better and more hopeful world? One thing seems clear, we will increasingly be relying on each other to build resilience. The best way to do this is within communities.  What are your thoughts? Comments are welcome.


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