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Announcing the Publication of New Book on Peace Education (Harris and Morrison)
December 10, 2012, 3:53 pm
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Celebrating the publication of the 3rd edition of Peace Education. With my co-author, Ian Harris, we are happy to announce this event, after many months of writing, which for me is always fun. Here is a description of the book with a link to the publisher and ordering information. (McFarland Publishers).

Peace Education, now in its third edition, provides a comprehensive approach to an understanding of the what, why and how of educating toward a peaceful and sustainable future. Education for peace involves students and educators in a commitment to create a more just and peaceful world order. Providing both a theoretical base as well as practical ideas on how to start and implement curricula and programs, the book appeals to a wide audience of readers including academics, teachers in elementary, middle and high schools, religious and community educators. The authors, Ian Harris and Mary Lee Morrison, with over sixty years of combined experience in teaching, consulting, writing, activism and designing curricula in academic, school and community based settings, show readers the power of a transformative approach to education in which students (and teachers) are invited into collaborative, reflective, visioning and experiential learning, tapping into those energies that make possible the full human enjoyment of a meaningful and productive existence.

Peace Education illuminates the various forms of violence permeating our modern world through a comprehensive historical, philosophical and practical methodology. The book provides evidence of peace education as research based and including pedagogy and praxis as a growing scholarly discipline with its own theory and content.